Shaolin Soccer 2001 Review

The movie is manic, at least tripolar and desperately in need of help. Of course the screw-loose tone is the picture’s true appeal. The story of a Shaolin martial-arts enthusiast (Stephen Chow, who also directed) who enters an underdog team into a prestigious soccer tournament, the picture even shows you how a well-placed kick can help you parallel-park your car. SHAOLIN SOCCER is mostly harmless fun for fans of action movies or soccer.

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  • Sing proceeds to try and get a team together with his other former kung fu students.
  • Blend of comedy, sports and kung-fu action in which a team combining soccer skills and kung-fu on the pitch vie for a big tournament prize.
  • »Soccer,» which opens today in Manhattan, is the latest example of what has been called the leave-no-viewer-behind technique of filmmaking.

At one point a bunch of characters randomly start singing “Celebration” in the street while doing a dance number that was reminiscent of “Thriller”. Despite most of the jokes falling flat, I did really enjoy a few of them. For example, in one scene the female character Mui comes into the game to play. She walks onto the field and promptly runs right into the goal post.

While there are now better special effects, I kind of like the simplicity of Shaolin Soccer’s simple digital videos because they kind of add to the humor of the story. The ritual humiliations that Sing and his ad hoc family are subjected to are so laughably brutal they could have been lifted from »Down and Dirty Pictures,» Peter Biskind’s book detailing Miramax employees’ suffering. Iron Head (Yut Fei Wong) has a bottle broken over his head in a restroom after botching his janitorial duties.

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American Version

Sing, played by writer/director Stephen Chow, is a master of shaolin kung fu, but he is frustrated that so few people know about its usefulness and beauty. Fung, a soccer player who was forced to retire due to injury, is now an over-the-hill coach looking for some decent players. With the help of Sing’s shaolin brothers, they form a soccer team to defeat Fung’s arch rival in a lucrative tournament.

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The film ranges from parody to slapstick to straight up action at points. You have the super-villain (even in name) Team Evil and a host of enemy players facing off against a uniquely perfect team of odd balls that have “powers” which allow them to excel. In addition, you have the kind of unique romance of between Sing and Mui (Zhao Wei) which doesn’t develop like you’d expect in a film like this (or at least an American film). Yes I know Spring started a week ago, but this is the movie industry, we do things differently. So with Summer just around the corner it’s time for the Summer Movie Preview, Part 1 – April.

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